Interior Design

Style and interior design

Style is a set of artistic means and techniques of their use, characteristic of works of art. The style in the interior can be interpreted as a unity of artistic direction, a harmonious combination of features and characteristic features of the created space. All the basic principles of composition that are applied in the visual arts are also applicable to the creation of the interior.

A house for a person is a place where it is warm and cozy, where he feels protected. The taste, wealth, philosophy of the owner of the house can change with age … And through the arrangement of living space, a person expresses the traits of his personality, creates the uniqueness of his own territory.

The modern market offers us a wide range of tools for repairing, furnishing and decorating the house. The problem of “getting” turned into a problem of “choosing”. Individually, the things you like can be beautiful, but together… It is very important at the very beginning of the path to your dream home to solve fundamental issues, such as zoning, taking into account the lifestyle of the owner and family members. And choose a common design line for all rooms, which will eventually form a single integral image of your home — style.

In modern interior design, you can count several dozen directions:

art Nouveau
art Deco
These are not all styles that exist in interior design and architecture. Some of them are divided into several more directions, and vice versa, a certain mixture of styles is permissible. For example, elements of modern design may be present in a classic interior. It is important that they are appropriate, harmoniously fit into the surrounding space.

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